Eleanor Karp Bio

Through the last 25 years of Eleanor's life, she was a prolific painter, leaving behind over 80 paintings - almost all, oil on 4' x 6' masonite panels.

Gathering strong inspiration from the Masters (primarily Rembrandt) she worked diligently through her life to replicate the palette and methods used in his time. Her "discovery" was finding a complete palette of colors within the simplicity of sienna.

Many of the pieces combine 2 to 4 separate panels to comprise one large painting. The sets shown here vary in shade only on this site, due to photographic restrictions. However, in reality, they create a seamless work of art.

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Art's Enlogated Images

Art's Enlongated Images
oil on masonite - 6ft. x 8ft.
This 2-panel painting reflects Eleanor’s sense of humor. Note the characters inside Art’s “store”
all taken from famous paintings, and all with unnaturally long bodies.